Exemption Application Services


At Porter & Lasiewicz, we have prepared more than 100 exemption applications, and so far, with a 100% success rate.  We don't submit applications unless we believe we will be successful in the process.  More than twenty of these applications were for gated associations, the kind that IRS claims can never qualify for exemption because they do not allow public access. 

While no one can guarantee a successful application, our careful evaluation process eliminates those associations that won't qualify before you invest money in preparing the application.

The normal process is that we want to know why you think your association may qualify for exemption.  That is the "story" that I must communicate to IRS in the Form 1024 exemption application.  The application also requires submission to IRS of governing documents, three years of financial documents and tax returns, and any other documents relevant to the application process (some applications are 2 - 3 inches thick, and IRS only accepts paper filings).  As long as the "story" is good, and is not contradicted by the documents, the application should be successful.  And, by the way, IRS does not "grant" exempt staus to a 501(C)(4) organization, it simply "recognizes" exempt status.  This is different from charitable organizations applying under IRC Section 501(c)(3), as, in those cases, IRS does "grant" exempt status.  This difference is critical, and allows us to "self-declare" exempt status simply by filing the Form 990 tax return, even before an application is submitted.

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